Capirlo: Organic Chemistry Resources

Organic Chemistry Resources:


A page where I have tried to summarize the organic chemistry naming conventions.

Richard C. Banks' Organic Chemistry

A selection of on line practice problems with answer explanations in a web format.

Michigan State University Organic Chemistry Practice Problems

Many practice problems with answer explanations in an painful web-based format. Must generally try to answer questions before viewing the answer.

Sanfoundry Organic Chemistry Questions and Answers

10 question multiple choice quizzes with explanation. Many 10 question quizzes with over 1,000 questions total! Unfortunately the quiz format is limited.

Khan Academy Organic Chemistry

Videos of organic chemistry subjects.

Master Organic Chemistry

Comprehensive organic chemistry topics and explanations in a web page format. The man behind this is obviously dedicated to teaching organic chemistry. My second favorite organic chemistry site.

Organic Chemistry Tutorials

Tutorials followed by multiple choice questions in a web format.

Minnesota State University Moorhead - Organic Chemistry

Dr. Craig P. Jasperse has a great selection of Organic Chemistry class notes, quizzes, tests, homework review and answers.Includes both Organic I and Organic II. This professor put a lot of work into providing his quality course materials on line for all to benefit from.

StudyLib - Organic Chemistry

Study documents and flashcards covering a large selection of organic topics. You will have to figureout which ones work best for you.

Reddit - Organic Chemistry

People helping people, or not. If you ask a question someone will usually try to help you. You could also help others.

Organic Chemistry Help!

An organic chemistry site which includes forum, mechanisms, tutorials, and practice tests. The practice testsare 10 question multiple choice tests selectable by subject with incorrect answers explained with hints and a question difficulty scale. The hints and explanations are displayed in a popup window which I find annoying and the subjects are very broad, for example Amines includes nomenclature and reactions of Amines, usually courses cover nomenclature and functional groups first, and different types of reactions later in the course.

Ace Organic Chem

A good source of class notes and old tests in pdf format, not all of which have answers.

sporcle Organic Chemistry

Trivia quizzes and games in multiple formats. I don't personally like their format, but some maybe you will. They do have a large selection of topics.

Leah 4 Sci

Videos, quizzes, cheat sheets, study tips and guides. I like the quizzes because it is a popular organic chemistrystyle.

Okuyama & Maskill: Organic Chemistry

Multiple choice quizzes on a variety of subjects, organized by the text book. Explanations point to pageswhere the concept was discussed, a nice supplement to the textbook if you use that book.

Organic Chemistry Textbooks

Organic Chemistry by David Klein

A popular organic chemistry textbook, what better way to spend $100+?

Organic Chemistry by Jonathan Clayden

A popular organic chemistry textbook, what better way to spend $100+?

Gamification and eLearning Resources:

6 Killer Examples of Gamification in eLearning

A run down of the beneifts of gamification to learning and some examples.